Unit Sound & Graphic

Unit Sound & Graphic, helmed by Sean Wynne, create sound solutions for the marketing and games industries. Based in the famous university city of Cambridge in the UK, their choice of audio and MIDI interface is the iConnectAUDIO4+

Sean purchased the iConnect AUDIO4+ "to replace my NI AudioKontrol1 soundcard when it suddenly died in the middle of completing a paid commission!".

Sean elaborates further:

"The ICA4+ was far more firepower than I required... but the best bang for my budget. I took a gamble based on the spec, price tag & urgent need for a replacement... I have no doubts that the gamble was actually a sound investment."


We asked Sean what it was he liked so much about the iConnectAUDIO4+:

"The modular design of the iCA4+ gives it a scalable versatility which is crucial for working with sound applications in today's market. The housing is robust & elegant & the i/o layout is logical to accommodate competent connectivity across a broad range of devices."

Sean says he's very much a traditional "knobs & switches" kind of person, but found the move to the iConnectAUDIO4+ touch panel controls "...logical & responsive offering a clear indication of i/o status"


Sean integrates the iConnectAUDIO4+ into a studio environment comprising multiple hardware synthesisers and instruments; something Sean describes as a "carefully configured mass of virtual & hardware resources".

We're proud to be part of Unit Sound & Graphic's creative arsenal of tools and wish Sean a bright and productive creative future! 


Bob Malkowski