Reek Havok

The world of music technology is often defined by maverick characters with unusual and sometimes exotic roles. Whilst these roles may not be as obvious as the pelvis-thrusting guitarist centre stage, they're nonetheless highly skilled and highly prized professions.

One such profession is that of Sound Designer; if you've ever watched a cartoon or a science fiction film, you'll have heard sound design. From the sound of a door on a space-ship to the thrum of a cartoon horse's hooves, a sound designer makes those visuals come alive.

Master sound-designer Reek Havok, is just such an individual; with an incredible client list including Madonna, Microsoft, REM and Disney. Remember Tommy Lee's famous flying drumkit he used with Motley Crüe? Reek was the man behind the technology making it happen.


Reek has been a fan of iConnectivity interfaces since he first got his hands on our iConnectMIDI4+ MIDI interface. The MIDI4+ allowed Reek the ability to integrate the audio and MIDI streams from his iOS devices into his studio workflow.

Recently, Reek contacted us to get hold of our best selling iConnectAUDIO4+ Audio/MIDI interface. An important part of any sound designer's arsenal is the ability to record high-quality sound on location.

Reek had been using an "industry best selling" audio interface, with which he was unhappy with the audio quality. We sent Reek an iConnectAUDIO4+ and it's quickly become a prized piece of equipment in Reek's arsenal of sound design tools.

We're proud to be the choice of one the best sound designers in the industry, and thrilled to have endorsement of a master music-technician. Who knows what amazing projects our interfaces are going to help bring to fruition? Where Reek Havok's concerned, however, there's one thing for sure; it'll never be boring!

Bob Malkowski