Enter Shikari

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Formed around the turn of the Millennium, Enter Shikari burst onto the UK charts with their 2007 debut album Take to the Skies, a release which was certified Gold in the UK. Take to the Skies cemented Enter Shikari's status as a truly modern "Rock" band.

Fusing elements of rock, metal, pop, dance and electronic music, Enter Shikari are as far from the traditional image of long-haired rockers as you could imagine. The British band employ the latest cutting-edge technology to create their very unique brand of modern rock music.

Anyone lucky enough to see Enter Shikari will be treated to an explosive and visually arresting stage show, often featuring instruments dreamt up and created by the band themselves. To make all this Hi-Tech gear work together on-stage, Enter Shikari turn to iConnectivity.

Followed around the world by their playback and MIDI engineer, Tim Morris, Enter Shikari make extensive use of iConnectivity interfaces, including the iConnectMIDI4+ It's vital for a band of this level to be able to trust their equipment, night after night; we're honoured to be the choice of Enter Shikari.

iConnectivity caught up with Enteri Shikari's Playback Tech, Tim Morris, on Enter Shikari's US leg of their "Take to The Skies" 10th anniversary Tour. Watch Tim walk us through Enter Shikari's elaborate live MIDI setup that includes multiple keyboards, an AlphasSphere, Kemper modeling amps, wireless MIDI, percussion controllers, MIDI drum triggers, guitar/bass pedalboard, and a 2 Mac audio MIDI playback system running Ableton Live that is all connected and routed via an iConnectMIDI4+.
Bob Malkowski