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iConnectMIDI is the ultimate tool in your MIDI arsenal, removing the need to set up and configure multiple MIDI function boxes and applications.  Communicate between 5 pin MIDI, USB MIDI, Mac, PC, and iOS devices  - all at the same time!

MSRP: $199.00 USD

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Download the free PortManager App to configure routing and filtering for iConnectMIDI. Looking for CoreMIDI apps?
Check out this list.
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Plays well with others.

Our revolutionary MIDI Engine* brings all modern MIDI technologies available in one little box.

Plug in USB-MIDI instruments, DIN MIDI instruments, iPad®,  iPhone®, iPod®, Mac or Windows PC.  All at the same time if you like.  iConnectMIDI can handle all your MIDI gear, old and new without the need for separate MIDI interfaces for your mobile device(s) and computer(s). It’s USB compliant on Mac and Windows PC, and CoreMIDI compliant on iOS.  This means several hundred software apps are at your disposal.  This includes synthesizers, sequencers, samplers, editors, loop stations and even recording consoles.

*MIDI Data Management Engine (patent pending)


Really, really fast.

Technology won’t get in the way of your music.  Expect to hear that sound the moment it is played. 

We’re talking microseconds (that’s quick), to process a MIDI message from input to an output port through its powerful CPU and ultra fast, custom firmware.  You’ve heard it called ‘latency’ – the delay in hearing a sound after a key is pressed.  The longer the delay, the less playable the instrument. iConnectMIDI will handle data a thousand times faster that humans will notice.  It has no effective latency, and that makes it very musical.


Computer Optional

Leave your computer behind.  Use iConnectMIDI as a standalone MIDI interface between your USB MIDI and MIDI DIN synths and controllers.  We call this ‘bridging’ and it simplifies what could have been really complicated.



Lots of Ports (12 to be exact).

Use a powered hub with iConnectMIDI to connect up to eight (8) USB MIDI controllers.  That’s a lot of keyboards, control surfaces and drum pads!  When you include the two pairs of MIDI DIN (each pair is a port) on the back and the two USB-B mini jacks for computing things on the front; that’s twelve ports – a monstrous rig in the making!



It’s a Traffic Cop.

All those ports need to be managed. Route and filter MIDI data however way you want it. Want your iPad to talk to just one keyboard or to all connected instruments?  No problem.  Or filter out all pitch bend data out of ports 3 and 7?  Done.  Want all data from three keyboard controllers going to one connected synthesizer?  Easy. Your rig, your way.  




It’s size and durability make this device ‘road-worthy’ for any level of musician.  Small enough for bedroom studios and yet, powerful enough for pro studios, it definitely will not tip the scales on your touring rig. It’s metal case makes it tough, in fact, customers have told us that “it’s their most durable device they own”.  Yes, it’s built for the road and able to handle as many miles as you can put on it.



It’s wired.

MIDI over a wireless network can be delay-prone, unreliable and slow.  Definitely not what you want while you are on stage with an audience expecting a great show.  Never worry about lost notes, stuck notes, or a bad connection again. Go wired, it’s the right thing to do.

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