Enjoy unparalleled portable connectivity! - Meet iConnectAUDIO2+

Bring the creative flexibility that only iConnectivity can deliver to your studio, on stage, & on the go! Meet our new portable 2-in 6-out Audio & MIDI Interface for Musicians & DJs - iConnectAUDIO2+ Click here to learn more about how iConnectAUDIO2+ can set your workflow free.

See how iConnectMIDI4+ makes One Republic's Show Go!

Watch the video above and let the hottest pop group going take you on a tour of how their network of four iConnectMIDI4+ connects them with all of their MIDI gear and empowers their live performances. If iConnectMIDI4+ can mold to the complex connectivity demands of an international pop tour, imagine what it can do for your workflow. Click here to discover more about iConnectMIDI4+

All Products Firmware Update

mio Firmware Update

It's Time to Update Your Firmware

We found an improvement that warrants a full firmware release for all products recently - thus all firmware is now updated, even for the mio. We also took this opportunity to make some other improvements in the various products.

In general:

Featured App - FLUX:FX

App of the Month - May 2015. NOIISE talks about the creative possibilities enabled by FLUX:FX and iConnectivity's Interfaces.

From iConnectivity comes a unique line of products that reinvent the whole concept of MIDI and audio interfaces connecting computers, iOS and MIDI devices.

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About iConnectivity

The connection and control company for musicians. iConnectivity is a group of talented musicians and engineers who came together from the music and telecomm industries. Their mission: harnessing modern networking technology into music peripherals, enabling musicians to create more easily, intuitively, and better. The result is a unique line of products that reinvent the whole concept of MIDI + audio interfaces.

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“It’s so great to finally have the iConnectMIDI4+ in place! 
What I like the most is the fact that I can now play all my MIDI sound modules with all my controllers, even when the computer is switched off!

- Martin Cayless / Germany