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Here's the spinXLR.

Check out these two files for a great comparison between an iTunes download version and the original vinyl record. 02/26/2017

The zen of the clock source

When you’re passing 48,000 or even 96,000 audio samples between digital devices every second, the exact timing is critical. The sync only has to be off a microscopic amount to create bad clicking noises that you really don’t want. 02/17/2017

New problem-solvers

Hey, did you get the newsletter about our two new products for early 2017? They're now shipping. 01/25/2017

Hidden secrets of the USB MIDI Host jack

Say, do you have an iConnectivity interface with a USB MIDI Hosting jack (mio4, mio10, iConnectMIDI4+, iConnectAUDIO4+)? 01/05/2017

Sponsorship of 6 x Audio2+ for Beats Across Borders and Rumkraft

This is a Scandinavian initiative teaching kids to make their own music  in dedicated workshops throughout the region. The setup consists of 6  flightcases with Audio2+, Push, mic and headphones in each (please see  11/29/2016

Are You Unbalanced? (and other yuk-yuks riffing on balanced vs. unbalanced audio)

(and other yuk-yuks riffing on balanced vs. unbalanced audio) iConnectivity's founder and CTO came up with a couple of very good video links about why balanced audio is a good thing. 11/23/2016
Using Facebook Live with External Audio Interface

Using an External Audio Interface with Facebook Live and Camera App on iOS

  Using an External Audio Interface with Facebook Live and Camera App on iOS 11/21/2016

iOS Video and your iConnectivity Interface - yes, it works!

Guess what? You actually can use the Apple Camera App on your iOS device with your iConnectivity interface. All you have to do is... ...wait for it... Launch the Camera App first, *then* connect the cable! 11/08/2016

iOS 10 and OS X Sierra - please hold off updating

We've encountered some stability issues with Mac OS X Sierra and iOS 10.   Please hold off on updating until we hear back about the bug report we've filed.   11/05/2016

Electronic Musician Gives Thumbs UP to iConnectAUDIO2+

Geary Yealton of Electronic Musician magazine doesn't just like the iConnectAUDIO2+, he actually uses it in his live rig. That's why it's such a great review - he really gets the interface inside out, and what makes it special. 10/20/2016

Network MIDI

        Our mio10, mio4, and iConnectMIDI4+ interfaces all feature an Ethernet jack for Network MIDI. It's a perfect example of our "solving your connection problems" raison d'être. 10/13/2016

iConnectAUDIO2+ Nominated for Prestigious TEC Award


All this for the price of a generic MIDI merger?!

iConnectivity exists to solve your connection problems. Our mio2 is the perfect example. MIDI merging?! Heck, we do that before breakfast. And only $69?! Game over. 09/10/2016

Latency - When it is and isn't important, and how to deal with it when it is

Because latency is one of the first topics people ask about our interfaces, here are a few general points about it - where it comes from, when it is and isn't important, and how to work around it. 09/02/2016

In Praise of Solid State Drives

Ignore this if you're only using iPads. 08/02/2016

Sicktronic's Connectivity

    Not a lot to say about these guys. They're great! Dig the iConnectMIDI4+, then just watch, listen, and enjoy! 07/23/2016

How to use a foot controller with the iConnectAUDIO4+ (great video)

A great tutorial video from user André Neumann. He needs to keep his hands free to play his guitar, so he controls his Elektron Octatrack with a foot controller in his iConnectAUDIO4+. 07/12/2016

Todd Simpson SHREDS with his iConnectAUDIO4+


Which Interface Is Right For You?

All our current offerings in a single view. And remember, you can combine them in a Mac or PC to make one bigger interface. 07/05/2016

Fun With Aggregate Devices

You do need a special kind of personality to consider aggregate devices fun. Yet they're an important part of iConnectivity's interface concept. 06/23/2016