iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interface

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mio10™, setting a new benchmark in MIDI connectivity

Get your MIDI devices talking to each other and to your computers. Only iConnectivity packs this much power and flexibility into a thoroughly modern MIDI interface.

Let mio10™ overcome your MIDI connection problems. Harness the power of two computers at the same time - or one, or use the mio10™ stand-alone.

Connect all your MIDI devices - USB MIDI, 5-pin MIDI, Network MIDI - and let this rugged, versatile interface put you in control of your MIDI setup and workflow. No need for separate MIDI merger/filter/processor units - it's all built in to streamline your MIDI setup. Create faster, better, and in exciting new ways.

What makes mio10™ unique? The iConnectivity difference.

Other MIDI interfaces: Basic MIDI in and out. Won't accommodate 10 5-pin MIDI devices, never mind USB MIDI. Support for only one computer. No sophisticated MIDI port routing between computers and connected MIDI devices, no advanced MIDI processing. Won't work without a computer. Yawn.

The mio10™ difference:

  • More power to create:
    Bring every MIDI device around into your music, with room to grow. Everything talks to everything else, whether it's modern or vintage.
    Powerful MIDI merging/filtering/processing, lots of ins and outs to streamline your setup.
  • More flexible workflow:
    Designed for the way you've always wished you could work, on your own or collaborating with other musicians. Let your whole band talk MIDI to each other. And it's built to stand up to the rigors of the road.

It's the iConnectivity flexible workflow. mio10™ is a proud member of the most innovative line of interfaces on the planet. The MIDI interface is reinvented.

mio10 Features
  • 10x10 5-pin MIDI ports
  • USB Host Port supports a USB MIDI Class-Compliant device (add your powered USB hub and connect up to ten devices)
  • Works with up to two computers at the same time! (Or use it stand-alone.)
  • Plug-and-play - no drivers to install (it's USB MIDI Class-Compliant)
  • Ethernet Network MIDI power - use with wired and wireless MIDI networks
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Configuration software (download for Mac/PC) makes it simple to create and save routing, merging, and filtering presets. One can be stored on the device and remembered when you power up.
  • 56 user-configurable 16-channel MIDI ports
Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.8 or greater
1 free USB port
Windows 7 or later
1 free USB port
With Camera Connector Kit (CCK) - no direct hardware support
CoreMIDI compatible app
Device Specifications
Width: 482.6 mm 19 in Height: (1U) 44.45 mm 1.75 in.
Depth: TBA TBA Weight: TBA TBA
What's In The Box
mio10 box
  • One mio10 device.
  • One standard USB B Cable.
  • One 9V 18W Power Universal Power Supply with interchangeable blades (NA, EU, UK and AU (Australia only)).

iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interface front angle

iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interface rear angle

mio10 Front Angled

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mio10 Rear Angled

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mio10  front

 mio10 rear

mio10 Front

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mio10 Rear

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