Making your life easier! The latest updates from iConnectivity

With the year-end in sight, it would be easy for us to take our foot off the gas and coast into 2018. That's simply not the iConnectivity way, however! We work tirelessly to constantly refine our interfaces, our software, heck - everything about our company to make things easier for you, our valued iConnectivity users.

The past month has seen some big developments, here at iConnectivity, and so we've decided to wrap them all up in one big blog, just in case you've missed some of the great advances and releases we've been working on.


You asked, and we listened! Auracle is the answer to every user who complained our previous software was too complex, too confusing, and unintuitive. We've spent an awful lot of time and resources on developing what we think is possibly the cleverest piece of audio interface software ever made.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 20.03.17.png


Clever? How can a piece of software be clever?
Auracle isn't like other software which often requires huge previous knowledge and an investment in time to master. We designed Auracle to be immediate, fast and easy; that way when creativity strikes, you can jump right in and get started!

The first thing you'll notice when you start up Auracle is the clean, clear layout with graphics showing you exactly what iConnectivity devices you have connected. There's a great feature built in to help you get creating straight away; our Setup Wizard, which guides you through the often tricky steps of initial configuration.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 20.02.49.png

Once your interface is set up, Auracle works best as a 'silent partner'; giving you exactly the control you need, when you need it, without fuss or bother. We're tremendously proud of it, and recommend you head over and download the beta version right away

Access to your interface's key functions is fast, direct, simple and intuitive. Direct monitoring is now super easy and straightforward, thanks to Auracle. Simply enable your direct monitoring destination and dial in a direct monitor mix. Simple!

Improved Windows Support

Windows is the world's most used operating system; whilst many musicians and creative types are die-hard Mac fans, we feel it's important to support Windows users equally, by ensuring they have the same functionality as their Mac brethren.

We've added a whole host of improvements for Windows users, including: lower audio latency, full support for audio pass-thru, improved MIDI handling and full RTP-MIDI support for MIDI over Ethernet and wi-fi.

Version 2.0 Firmware

We've just rolled out a brand new firmware build across all of our interfaces. We've done this for a number of reasons we're sure you'll appreciate:

Introducing Auracle required a new breed of firmware to allow for the smart auto-configuration benefits which Auracle brings with it. To use Auracle, you'll need to update your interface to version 2.0 firmware using iConfig or Auracle.

Our latest interface, the unique PlayAUDIO12required a whole new software interface to allow its incredible auto-failover functionality. Firmware version 2.0 and Auracle go hand in hand with this exciting new interface.

Our class leading mio10 MIDI interface now gains added functionality with version 2.0 firmware, enabling settings to be stored from the mio10's front panel. Extra functionality for free? That's the version 2.0 advantage!


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best; LifeSine was created specifically for use with PlayAUDIO12 to enable its amazing Audio/MIDI failover protection. LifeSine is a software plugin for use with any DAW; it simply generates a 440Hz tone which you assign to the PlayAUDIO12's virtual audio port.

preview-lightbox-iConnectivity LifeSine GUI.png

If your DAW should fail or hang during the gig, Auracle will detect the absence of LifeSine's (yes we are proud of that pun) output and automatically switch scenes on the PlayAUDIO12. It's a small and simple plugin, but one which makes possible PlayAUDIO12's amazing capabilities.

iConnectivity Knowledge Base

With products as useful and packed full of functionality as ours, it's only natural you're bound to have questions about how to use them with their utmost functionality. We've collected answers to our most common questions in our online Knowledge Base.

Answers to common questions, known bugs (yes, even we have them from time to time) and shortcuts, gleaned from our highly trained team of technicians are all gathered here in one place.

Working hard to make your life easier

Whether you're a professional musician who needs a fast unobtrusive workflow, or a dedicated amateur balancing professional and leisure time, having equipment which just works is invaluable.

We'll never stop in our quest to make iConnectivity interfaces, and the support around then, the very best in the industry. We thank you, our dear users, for your invaluable feedback on our products. Creation is everything.






Bob Malkowski