PlayAUDIO 12 - The must-have interface the pros are queuing up for!

The Must Have Interface Pros are Queing up For!2.png

PlayAUDIO 12 is the most hotly anticipated product we have ever created here at iConnectivity. A unique, compact, bullet-proof and self-contained failover solution for running computer audio and MIDI live; we've received an unprecedented amount of interest.

We created PlayAUDIO12 to be affordable enough for the working musician, but to also have the features and specifications professionals demand, night after night. We've been overwhelmed by the warm reception PlayAUDIO12 has received


"Thanks for building something no-one asked for but we so desperately needed"

One thing we weren't prepared for was the wildfire "word of mouth" reception the PlayAUDIO12 has received in professional circles. At industry trade shows we've had numerous professionals in live entertainment, working for big names, asking us how quickly they can get a PlayAUDIO12.

We always prefer to err on the side of modesty, but we really feel we've created something indispensable for the modern touring musician. Here's what some of the most respected techs in the industry have to say about PlayAUDIO12...

"That’s such a great idea man! It’s amazing no-one’s come up with that before!" - Rory, guitarist with Enter Shikari

Engineer, mixer, producer and live MIDI/Playback tech,  Tim Morris is currently working extensively with the British Rock band Enter Shikari. Touring internationally with Enter Shikari as their playback engineer, Tim's a professional who relies on rock-solid solutions, night after night.

Already a dedicated user of iConnectivity's MIDI interfaces, especially our MIDI4+, Tim was so excited at the news of the PlayAUDIO12 he travelled to the home of one of iConnectivity's employees hoping to score a pre-production unit for the upcoming Enter Shikari tour!

Enter Shikari - Live at Nottingham Motorpoint Arena

Enter Shikari - Live at Nottingham Motorpoint Arena

Catching up with Tim at Enter Shikari's show at Nottingham Motorpoint arena, Tim opined on why he was so desperate to get hold of a PlayAUDIO12:

"I really wanted a PlayAUDIO12 for this tour. For anyone doing what I do, it's a very attractive solution. Previous solutions [to live audio/MIDI failover] are very gear intensive. I love how compact it is."

Enter Shikari's unique guitarist, Rory, was also kind enough to share his thoughts. Rory masterminds the building and construction of some of the band's wacky onstage keyboards and props, so knows his way around technology as well as he does a fretboard:

"[the PlayAUDIO12] That’s such a great idea man! It’s amazing no-one’s come up with that before!"

"iConnectivity are lightyears ahead of everyone in the Playback Industry" - Steve Primo

When big-name clients such as Bon Jovi, Lady Antebellum, Chase Rice, Elvis Costello and many more, look for rock solid playback solutions, they turn to Savant Playback based in "Music City"  Nashville, Tennesee.

Savant's playback-tech supremo Steve Primo has a close working relationship with us, here at iConnectivity. Steve has recently been beta testing a prototype PlayAUDIO12 interface on tour with Chase Rice, and has been thrilled with the results.

 "iConnectivity are at the forefront of playback technology. They are lightyears ahead of everyone in the Playback Industry. [the PlayAUDIO12] is a very cool piece of gear which I've been blessed to be part of the beta test team with them. I'm excited to be able to work with them on the new PlayAUDIO12"

For more information on the PlayAUDIO12, head over to the iConnectivity website for all the details on this groundbreaking device that professionals can't wait to get their hands on. 

Bob Malkowski