Cafe Tacvba

Cafe Tacvba

Cafe Tacvba is a Mexican band fusing a unique blend of Rock, Pop, Punk, Dance, Electronic and traditional Mexican folk music.
They take their name from a stylised spelling of the Mexico City coffee shop, el Café de Tacuba. Like their coffee shop namesake, Cafe Tacvba have become a part of Mexico City metropolitan culture.

Cafe Tacvba created their unique sound by fusing their love of 1980s alternative rock bands such as The Cure, The Smiths, and The Clash, with Mexican Folk music as well as Dance and Electronic textures.

Cafe Tacvba was discovered in 1989 by the Argentinian producer Gustavo Santaolalla, a key producer for leading bands of the new Rock en Español movement of the late 1980s. Santaolalla was instrumental in Cafe Tacvba's signing to Warner Music Latina.

Cafe Tacvba have gone on to release 12 albums, and are multiple winners of the Latin Grammy Awards. They enjoy a large and passionate following amongst their fanbase, internationally, and have been lauded by Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times and many others! 

Cafe Tacvuba and iConnectivity

With a live show that's as energetic and diverse as their music, Cafe Tacvba need audio and MIDI solutions which can keep up with whatever the band throw at them! Cafe Tacvba's playback rig was designed in collaboration between their keyboard player, Emmanuel del Real, their FOH Engineer, David Parra-Breton, and their playback tech, Armando "Hobbit" Garcia.

When looking for audio and MIDI solutions, Cafe Tacvba turned to iConnectivity. Our range of MIDI and redundant playback audio/MIDI interfaces are featured extensively as part of Cafe Tacvba's live playback rig.

Armando Garcia was kind enough to walk us through the rig, and show us what makes things tick behind the scenes of the Cafe Tacvba live show.

Rig Rundown

Cafe Tacvuba employ two PlayAUDIO12 interfaces for both redundant playback and as a redundant audio/MIDI interface for their softsynth rig; both of which live side of stage and are networked via RTP-MIDI over Ethernet.

The PlayAUDIO12 interfaces are then connected to multiple iConnectMIDI4+ interfaces which are placed in various positions across the stage, again connected via Ethernet. These allow for RTP-MIDI networking and control between keyboard and drum stations as the band sees fit.

Our big thanks to Cafe Tacvba for choosing us as their interface manufacturer of choice, and for taking the time to give us exclusive access to their backstage areas. Cheers guys! 

Bob Malkowski