Eric Morris

Eric Morris

Eric Morris is a sought after live MIDI & audio wizard that has been behind the scenes of many of the world's greatest performers. Eric's MIDI and playback skills have been in demand for the last 25 years, and have led him to work with Grammy and Gold/Platinum winning top flight performers and acts such as Lady Gaga, Usher and Keith Sweat.

After such an established career, working at the highest levels of the industry, you'd forgive Eric for maybe having a bit of a "swagger" about him. When iConnectivity's own Al Joelson caught up with Eric however, he found in Eric one of the most genuine and likeable guys in the industry. There's a lesson there for anyone wanting to get ahead in the music biz; hard-working and likeable people go a long way!

An Industrial Influnce

Eric attended the Musicians Institute in California early 90s, and whilst there got involved in the Industrial Metal scene of the period. As anyone who loves their Industrial will know, it's a music genre which is full of MIDI programming and utilised a lot of cutting-edge technology and concepts which wouldn't be integrated into mainstream pop for some years to come,

Eric's background in the Industrial scene, soon saw him getting up to speed with the kind of technology he'd soon be making a career out of. A chance meeting with Keith Sweat's MD, Alan Smith, catapulted Eric's career into mainstream Pop, and onto gigs which would take him to over 100 countries as a hugely valued MIDI and playback tech.

We recently were fortunate to catch up with Eric to talk shop, share some laughs and hear about some of his experiences in the biz.


Eric was also kind enough to walk us through his setup for the 2018 Honda Civic Charlie Puth Voicenotes Tour, featuring Charlie Puth and Hailee Steinfeld. Eric's one of the increasing band of techs switching over to using iConnectivity interfaces to replace their big, heavy and obsolete playback rigs with the PlayAUDIO12. As you'll see from the video below, Eric's an all-round Nice Guy and was really happy to show us how he's using the iConnectMIDI4+ alongside the PlayAUDIO12. 

Bob Malkowski