iConnectAudio 2+ nominated for prestigious TEC Award

TEC stands for “Technical Excellence & Creativity.” And in all humility we think that's entirely appropriate for the iConnectAUDIO2+.

Here’s why we’re so proud of our baby:

Above all, the iConnectAudio2+ is a seriously flexible audio + MIDI interface that solves all kinds of connection problems.

It supports Mac, PC, and iOS - two at the same time. Plug it into another musician’s computer, and you both have access to each other’s setups for collaboration.

For convenience, you can power it over the USB bus. In addition to its 2x6 audio I/O, it supports several channels of inter-computer audio (we call it Audio PassThru™). The same goes for MIDI - it has multiple inter-computer 16-channel MIDI ports, in addition to its 5-pin I/O.

With six audio outputs, it fits right into all kids of applications - DJs will use the extra outs for cue mixes, gigging musicians can make separate mixes for the stage and house, or you can use it for two pairs of speakers in the studio + headphones, or speakers + a stereo FX send + headphones… and it has two combo mic/line/instrument inputs with excellent sound quality.

When you pick it up, you can feel that the iConnectAUDIO2+ is built like a tank. It was designed to provide audio quality that professionals will use, at a price low enough to be someone’s first audio interface.

TEC-nominees are selected from hundreds of entries, and they’re reviewed by a panel of sound and music industry thought leaders from around the world. The iConnectAUDIO2+ is in the category of Audio Apps & Hardware/Peripherals for Smartphones/Tablets category, but of course we all know that it’s not just an iOS interface, it’s a category-leading Mac and PC interface as well.

This is our third nomination, and - as the Brits say - we’re chuffed. Voting starts in November, so please think of us.

Nick Batzdorf