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Great Free Music-Making Programs

The world of music software has totally democratized the business of creating music, making previously unaffordable studio technology available at prices almost anyone can afford. Modern Digital Audio Workstations include technology that used to cost hundreds of thousands of bucks at a price of a few hundred instead.

But even a “few hundred” bucks is a lot of money, especially to those just starting out, or who aren’t making music professionally. But that doesn’t need to be a barrier to entry because there are some amazingly good music apps out there that are absolutely free to download and use.

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Using Backing Tracks - A Beginners Guide

In the modern world, the use of backing tracks is widespread and accepted as an essential part of today’s live music experience.

Each different type and size of act will have different requirements, but there are some common features and things to bear in mind when setting out to use backing tracks for your own live performances. Let’s look at the different possibilities…

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