What Makes iConnectMIDI4+ Unique?

Other MIDI interfaces: Simple 5-pin MIDI in and out to only one computer. No different from 1980s MIDI interfaces.

The iConnectMIDI4+ Difference

  • The premiere MIDI interface on the planet - and it has audio too!
    ConnectMIDI4+ is the only modern MIDI interface, built with today's musicians in mind.
    It's all about seamless, creative workflow.
  • More power to create:
    Harness the power of three computer devices at the same time!
    Plug your iPad and laptop into your workflow, collaborate with other musicians with one cable.
    Exchange tracks with other computers. Use your iPad as a guitar amp. Play instruments on any computer.
    Connect all your old and new MIDI gear - 5-pin MIDI DIN, USB MIDI, even Network MIDI.
    It's the iConnectivity flexible workflow.