Why do you suggest using the ASIO4ALL drivers for Audio passThru with Windows?

As many know, the best solution for low latency in Windows is ASIO. Many refer to it as ASIO drivers, but this is actually an inaccurate way of describing what ASIO does. ASIO is in fact a communication object that bypasses the Windows Media System (the latent part) to allow an application to directly communicate with the drivers. The device drivers are in fact the same if you use the ASIO comm object or not. Unfortunately, although ASIO satisfied the need for low latency as best it could with Windows systems - it does have another shortcoming. Only ONE ASIO Comm object can be executing in the system at any one time. So all of that said, creating a dedicated ASIO Comm for iConnectMIDI2+ and/or iConnectMIDI4+ would only solve half of the problem. There would still be the challenge of attempting to use more than one ASIO object simultaneously. We investigated solutions to this problem and discovered that the team from ASIO4ALL solved this problem quite some time ago in a fairly elegant and easy to use way. ASIO4ALL is stable and typically delivers comparable (or in some cases better) performance than device dedicated ASIO comm objects and also allows Windows users to create an aggregate ASIO device out of multiple compatible audio peripherals.