PC no longer recognizes iConnectMIDI4+

My PC no longer recognizes my iConnectMIDI4+ In device manager, the iConnectMIDI4+ is not recognized in “Sound, video and game controllers”, but the USB port it is connected to has a yellow exclamation point with a “This device cannot start. (Code 10)” error in it’s properties.

This seems to be an issue where disabling the Mac/PC Audio passThru for the USB Device Jack that a PC running Windows is connected to, will no longer communicate properly with the PC. To regain connectivity, re-enable the Audio passThru using the iConfig application on a connected iOS device, or if you haven't disabled the Mac/PC audio passThru for the remaining 2 USB Device Jacks on iCM4, connect to one of these jacks and connect to iConfig to re-enable the audio passThru. Don't forget to save your changes to FLASH.