Is it possible to change the names of the ports on the iConnectMIDI2+?

You can change the port names on the iConnectMIDI2+ within the MIDI Info section of the iConfig application. After changing the names you will need to select “Commit Changes to FLASH” in iConfig and then disconnect iConnectMIDI2+ from your Mac. Open up Audio MIDI Setup and delete any iConnectMIDI2+ images that are in the MIDI window. When you reconnect the iConnectMIDI2+, the Mac will retrieve the new names. To have the custom names reflect on your iOS device, you need to reset the iOS device. You can do this in Settings/General/Reset/Reset All Settings. The “Reset All Settings” option will not delete any of your media or data. Do NOT tap the "Erase All Content and Settings", that setting will remove all data and media on your iOS device. After doing this, the new custom port names should be displayed on your iPad. Unfortunately at this time, PC’s are not able to reflect these changes. Something to be aware of: when changing the names under the specific USB Device Jack, it is how the computer or iOS device connected to that specific Jack will recognize it. For example, if you change the name for DIN 1 under USB Device Jack 1 and you connect a Mac to USB Device Jack 2, the computer will still recognize that port as DIN 1. You would need to change it under USB Device Jack 2 for that connected device to see the new name for that port.