Class Compliant controller not working with the iConnectivity Interface's host port

My “Class Compliant” controller does not seem to work with my iConnectivity Interface's host port as stated it should in the user manual and specifications.

iConnectivity has recently discovered that some models of controllers by some manufacturers that advertise “Class Compliant” are in fact not class compliant as defined by the USB IF specification for “Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices”. iConnectivity basis their claim on Class Compliant as per this specification. iConnectivity also recognizes that the controllers in question have a large user base and have started taking measures towards supporting these controllers with our USB host enabled products by making adjustments to our drivers to support these non-class compliant devices like Mac OS and Windows have done. In the meantime, if you have issues with a controller that is supposed to be class compliant, please contact our Support team to confirm if it is one of these controllers.