n With Aggregate Devices


You do need a special kind of personality to consider aggregate devices fun. Yet they're an important part of iConnectivity's interface concept.

The idea is simple: connect two or more audio interfaces to a Mac or PC, and the combined device is seen as a single interface with the total number of ins and outs by software running on the computer. So if you add another synth to your rig and need a couple more inputs, just pick up an iConnectAUDIO2+ and aggregate it with the iConnectivity (or third-party) interface you're already using.

And then there's Audio PassThru: our "headless" interfaces - the iConnectMIDI2+ and iConnectMIDI4+ - are designed for musicians who already have audio interfaces with analog ins and outs, but who need to add more computers to their setups. Of course, that's in addition to their industry-leading MIDI features.

There's nothing to it:

Mac users go into the Audio MIDI Setup program to create aggregate devices (it's self-explanatory), and on Windows it's done automatically by the ASIO4all driver.