Here's a reminder about an age-old production trick that can bring any instrument to life. If you haven't tried it, I predict you'll be surprised at how much difference such a simple thing can make to your tracks.

The name "reamping" probably comes from electric guitars or basses, but sometimes it's just "amping" with the "re." Normally you stick a mic on the amp, since it's such an integral part of the sound. But someone somewhere must have recorded a guitar direct to tape, then sent that dry guitar through an amp, and recorded it again through the amp.


Reamping works especially well with synths, either hardware or software. Because you're going after character, the cleanest and highest-spec equipment isn't always the best. The picture with this article shows the little Peavey keyboard amp and cheap mic I use, but you can use anything - even a stereo system.

Of course, this is yet another use for those two extra line outs on our iConnectAUDIO2+ and iConnectAUDIO4+ interfaces. Just route your outputs to the amp, then re-record them through your inputs. Try it, and experiment with different mics, amps, whatever.

There's just something about even a single track in a mix that has air moving in a room.