The mio Advanced MIDI Interfaces Are Here!

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Psst, have you heard about the mio™ Advanced MIDI interfaces?

It’s a new line of MIDI problem-solvers from iConnectivity. Just plug in to connect and collaborate, in the studio or on stage.

These are reinvented MIDI interfaces that work standalone or with up to six Macs/PCs at the same time. They all feature built-in MIDI merging, filtering, remapping, and routing functions so you don’t need extra hardware units.

mio10 has 10x10 5-pin MIDI, the mio4 has 4x4, and both support everything: USB MIDI, Ethernet MIDI, and more. The affordable mio2 (2x2 5-pin MIDI) supports two Macs/PCs at the same time.

iConnectivity now has a comprehensive line of innovative MIDI and audio interfaces to handle modern setups of all sizes.

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