Hidden secrets of the USB MIDI Host jack

Say, do you have an iConnectivity interface with a USB MIDI Hosting jack (mio4, mio10, iConnectMIDI4+, iConnectAUDIO4+)?

Did you know you can connect a second iConnectivity interface to it? The Host jack has up to eight 16-channel MIDI ports (ten on the mio10), and you can route any or all of them to the second interface and access all its MIDI connections.

So, for example, if you have an iConnectAUDIO4+ and its single 5-pin MIDI DIN pair isn't enough, pick up a mio2 and you'll have three pairs.

The connection is simple: second interface's Device jack to Host jack (instead of a computer device).

Why not just connect both interfaces directly to a computer, where all their ins and outs are seen automatically? Normally you would, and you can also aggregate audio interfaces this way for more audio I/O pairs. What we're talking about is useful if you're on stage without a computer, or maybe if you're only using an iPad (which only has a single port).

It's also useful if you have the "piggyback" interface's second Device jack connected to a third computer device. Your system now has a whole lot of interconected MIDI highway.

One final reminder: the USB Host Port carries MIDI, not audio.