All Products Firmware Update

It's Time to Update Your Firmware

We found an improvement that warrants a full firmware release for all products recently - thus all firmware is now updated, even for the mio. We also took this opportunity to make some other improvements in the various products.

In general:

  1. We improved handling of large amounts of MIDI data across USB resulting in even better handling of large SYSEX messages.
  2. We broadened support of Yamaha USB MIDI Keyboards - if you have a Yamaha keyboard that only connects via USB and one of our USB MIDI Hosting devices (iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectAUDIO4+), your keyboard will likely be supported now if it wasn't before.
  3. We made it so if you disable audio on our iConnectMIDI devices, then audio will no longer show up in USB descriptor.
  4. We stabilized the preset saving routines. Some customers were getting corrupt saves, especially if they saved a lot - it should be better. Unfortunately though if you have a current preset you like, we recommend you use iConfig to save the preset (best results if you save preset as MIDI file) and then recover the preset after firmware update.

We continue to take every opportunity we can to improve your experience with iConnectivity products. Stay tuned for further updates to our firmware and applications.

Current Firmware Versions

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.45.57 PM.png


Note: Use iConfig to do your firmware update. If you have issues, try re-running iConfig as sometimes timing is off. iConfig should continue where it left off. If you continue to have issues, try a manual firmware update procedure. Support is also available if you need assistance.