Set up your iConnectivity MIDI interface for basic MIDI sequencing

I just plugged my conventional MIDI interface into my computer and never gave it a thought. Why is my iConnectivity interface different?

Because it's a modern interface with lots of routing capability - which is why you purchased it! We figure most users will want to connect their instruments and start playing, so everything is routed everywhere by default. But the basic DAW sequencing setup with all the inputs merged to a computer is really easy. Here's how to set it up.

The following iConfig screen shots show a mio10, our biggest MIDI interface. All our other multi-computer interfaces work exactly the same way, just with fewer MIDI ports.

See how DIN 1 is routed everywhere except itself in the Factory Default? All the other DINs and USB MIDI Host inputs are the same way - routed everywhere except back to themselves.

Simply go through all your DIN and USB MIDI inputs one by one, and disable everything except the connection to the computer device connected to USB Device Jack 1 (and/or USB Device Jack 2 if you prefer to route to both computers).                                                  

Save your settings to the device, and you're done.

It's a good idea to go through and remove routings you don't need anyway, because that removes unnecessary MIDI from the datastream so your interface doesn't have to work as hard.

Nick Batzdorf