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Well, the first new product is spinXLR™, the easiest way to connect your turntable to your studio. Five seconds and spinXLR is all it takes to experience pure vinyl bliss.

Second, there's the ConnectAUDIO2/4 audio interface. Three words describe this treasure: fast, easy, flexible. Many more words also apply (such as "built like tank," "sleek-looking," "sounds fab"), but this interface is just a joy to use. 

You can follow the links above to the product pages for details, but I want to tell my tale about spinXLR. This thing is just brilliant!

Like many people who grew up listening to music before the mid-'80s - before CDs - I have hundreds of record albums. And I still listen to them all the time, through a great sound system: my studio monitors.

Before spinXLR, the signal path was: turntable -> '70s vintage Yamaha stereo receiver's tape output (i.e. I was using a huge freaking box that doesn't fit in a rack just as a phono preamp) -> audio interface.

Now the path is turntable -> spinXLR -> audio interface mic input. spinXLR is powered by phantom power, it contains the RIAA equalization curve, and I get to use the audio interface's high quality mic preamp to raise the level. It has a really healthy output level, and it sounds solid and clean. Between the minimalist circuitry and balanced outputs, it's also very quiet.

And I get to retire that old stereo receiver, which was great in its day, but is screaming for an expensive trip to the repair shop that I'm way too cheap to pay for. spinXLR costs less than they'd have charged just for an estimate!

People listened to music on records for 100 years, and the technology is amazingly refined. There's a reason records are making a comeback: it's a great audio medium (plus there's nothing like the experience of looking over the album cover while you listen to the music; anyone who grew up with that knows what I'm talking about).

spinXLR is for connecting a record deck to an audio interface or a mixer, and it's for anyone who likes listening to their albums.

I love it.


- Nick Batzdorf


Nick Batzdorf