Sat, 02/20/2016 - 05:48 -- rjkillinger

Issues upgrading firmware on iConnectMIDI2+ on Mac and device is stuck in boot loader mode.

iConnectMIDI2+ firmware upgrade can only be done when the computer is connected to the USB 2 Device Jack on iConnectMIDI2+.
iConnectMIDI2+ firmware port

  • Disconnect any devices on the iConnectMIDI2+ and disconnect the iConnectMIDI2+ from your computer.
  • Open your Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup and remove any iConnectMIDI2+ you may find in the MIDI Studio Window.

    iConnectMIDI2+ MIDI Studio - Audio MIDI Setup

  • Re-connect the computer to iConnectMIDI2+ USB 2 Device Jack and open iConfig.

  • ​iConfig should recognize the iConnectMIDI2+ in boot loader mode and when selected from the 'Device selection' screen, it should prompt for firmware upgrade again.
    Accept to upgrade and iConfig should properly upgrade the device.
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