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Setting a new benchmark in MIDI connectivity and iOS integration

iConnectAUDIO4+redefines the audio interface with new dimensions of connectivity. Connect your studio completely to your iOS devices, independent of your Mac or PC. Or integrate your iOS device seamlessly into your DAW, like a touch-sensitive plugin. It’s the most flexible interface on the planet.

Mics, instruments, line ins, MIDI, iOS, Mac, PC, high resolution digital audio…one audio interface unites them all. The music data superhighway of the future is here.

The iConnectAUDIO4+’s professional resolution audio sounds fabulous, first of all. Then it adds support for two computer devices at the same time. It handles MIDI, and it routes high-resolution audio between the computers (we call this Audio & MIDI passThru). And it supports multiple USB MIDI class compliant peripherals via the USB Host Port and a powered USB hub. Any combination of up to two Mac/PC/iOS devices can share iConnectAUDIO4+’s I/O.

iConnectivity’s multi-host and Audio passThru technologies bridge iOS, Macs, and PCs in a professional environment, and they have lots of practical applications. Control a virtual instrument (or any music program) on one computer device from another one. Audio and MIDI flow back and forth without extra cables, and with no audio degradation. All the computer devices act like a single integrated machine.

Then there’s the unique Host port. Lots of audio and MIDI peripherals use USB for MIDI I/O, but a single iOS device can only access one of them with its single port. The iConnnectAUDIO4+ Host port blows the lid off that limitation by accommodating multiple Class-Compliant USB MIDI devices - all at the same time.

iConnectivity’s iConfig software for iOS, MAC, PC gives you complete control over iConnectAUDIO4+’s I/O, providing direct control over audio and MIDI routing.

With all its new technology and innovation, iConnectAUDIO4+ sets a new benchmark for audio and MIDI connectivity, and for iOS integration. It’s an essential tool for today’s and tomorrow’s music makers.

iConnectAUDIO4+ Features
  • Multi-Host & Host Port - use 2 computer devices (Mac/PC/iOS) at the same time. Or use 1 computing device and multiple MIDI peripherals (with Class-compliant devices connected to a powered USB hub.)
  • Audio passThru™ routes audio digitally between two computing devices.
  • 4 XLR – ¼” TRS combo analog inputs
  • 4 ¼” TRS balanced analog outputs
  • Headphone output with independent mix
  • 1 X 1 MIDI DIN in/out
  • iConfig software (Mac, Windows, iOS) makes it simple to set up filtering/routing/merging scenes – which are also stored in flash memory on the device
  • High-resolution audio - up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion
  • USB audio and MIDI Class-Compliant
  • Charges an iOS device
Minimum System Requirements
Device Specifications
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What's In The Box
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iConnectAUDIO4+ Front Angled

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iConnectAUDIO4+ Rear Angled

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iConnectAUDIO4+ Front

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iConnectAUDIO4+ Rear

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