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Issues upgrading firmware on iConnectAUDIO4+ on Mac and device is stuck in boot loader mode.

iConnectAUDIO4+ firmware upgrade can only be done when the computer is connected to the USB 1 (2.1A) Device Jack on iConnectAUDIO4+.
iConnectAUDIO4+ firmware port

  • Disconnect any devices on the iConnectAUDIO4+ and disconnect the iConnectAUDIO4+ from your computer.
  • Open your Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup and remove any iConnectAUDIO4+ you may find in the MIDI Studio Window.

    iConnectAUDIO4+ MIDI Studio - Audio MIDI Setup

  • Re-connect the computer to iConnectAUDIO4+ USB 1 (2.1A) Device Jack and open iConfig.

  • ​iConfig should recognize the iConnectAUDIO4+ in boot loader mode and when selected from the 'Device selection' screen, it should prompt for firmware upgrade again.
    Accept to upgrade and iConfig should properly upgrade the device.
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The iConnectAUDIO4+ seems to run very hot - way hotter than the iConnectMIDI2+ and iConnectMIDI4+.
Is that normal?

The highest temperature we have recorded in our testing is 41.1 ℃. We are several ℃ below allowed limits.
Note that this will feel very warm to touch, but is within specifications

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Experiencing distortion issues when trying to use multi-channel input into iPad.

We have discovered the potential for audio distortion when iConnectAUDIO4+ has more than 2 channels enabled for output from the USB Device Jack that an iOS device is connected to. By default, iConnectAUDIO4+ has 6 channels enabled per USB Device Jack.

We have determined that this is not an issue with the iConnectAUDIO4+ hardware or firmware but rather software elements within the iOS device. We are working towards identifying the issue to the other parties and towards a mutual solution.

In the meantime, under iConfig’s Audio Info section for the USB Device Jack which connected to the iOS device, we recommend lowering the USB Device Jack Output Channels to a maximum of 2 and saved to device memory. This setting is how many channels are made available to the iOS device through the USB Device Jack.

 2 channel output - iConnectAUDIO4+ ></p>

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