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Apple has changed the way future iOS devices connect to computers and peripherals by replacing the 30-pin connector with the new 8-pin lightening connector.

To continue using iConnectMIDI with your new iPhone or iPod Touch you will need to purchase the Lightening to 30-pin adapter from Apple.

Unlike other solutions, iConnectMIDITM is the only device currently cable of allowing you to use your USB MIDI controllers with your iPod touch or iPad. This could change, but today it is the most complete choice for connecting all your MIDI gear to your computers and iOS devices.

Yes, iConnectMIDITM has two USB device ports, each capable of supporting either iOS devices or computers. Thus by connecting your iPad to one port and your Mac to the other, they can not only share any connected MIDI controllers, they can pass MIDI data between them - wired, with extremely low latency.

Short answer, No. The USB Type A Host only supports USB MIDI class compliant devices such as keyboards and controllers, either directly or through a standard USB hub. Although you can plug in your iOS device through this port using your sync cable, the iOS device will not initialize with iConnectMIDI.

If you want to get a second iOS device connected to your iConnectMIDI, you can order one directly from us by selecting here.

We discovered that USB Initialization timing requirements are different on the M-Audio Oxygen series keyboards than any other device we had tested. We have made the necessary adjustments and have released an update to the iConnectMIDITM firmware that resolves this issue.

Also, we noticed that some of the USB devices do not effeciently use the USB transport and sends only one MIDI event per USB data message - we have created an algorithm in our latest firmware release that recognizes this inefficient use of USB MIDI and improved our performance with said devices.

Both of these updates are available in the 1.1.0 firmware update on the product downloads page.

Yamaha does not support class compliant USB MIDI 1.0 in their devices and thus the original released iConnectMIDITM does not support them.

However, not all is lost - iConnectivity recently released a firmware update to iConnectMIDITM that we have worked with Yamaha to support their USB gear. The firmware has been tested with all current Yamaha USB devices.

Update your iConnectMIDITM with the latest firmware from our Download page.

iConnectMIDI works with iOS version 4.2 or greater. Our engineers test and confirm continued functionality with each version of iOS. iConnectMIDI also works with the original iPad or greater, iPod touch 3G or greater, and iPhone 3GS or greater.

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