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OneRepublic Won’t Perform Without Their iConnectivity Interfaces

“We had two iConnectMIDI4+ on stage yesterday (one with the drums, one with the keyboards) plus the one in our playback rig linking them all together. I don’t think we will have a performance any time soon that we aren’t using your gear!” – Relli, OneRepublic - Playback Engineer

iConnectMIDI4+ quickly became the heart of the OneRepublic Playback systems. Using their scaled back B-rig setup for the exciting performance for the Apple event this week, while their main system flew down to Brazil to meet them there.

Before integrating the iConnectMIDI4+ boxes into their stage setup, OneRepublic used to have MIDI dropout problems. After over 40 glitch free performances, they won’t play without them.

There’s one iConnectMIDI4+ on the electronic drums, one on keyboards, and one controlling MIDI guitar effects. Those are all networked over ethernet cable to a fourth iConnectMIDI4+ on the playback computers, where the MIDI performances are also recorded.
OneRepublic setup

The secret is iConnectivity’s ability to handle data so well. Unlike MIDI cables, you can run Cat6 ethernet cable from here to the next town without any problem. “One of the big issues we were having using MIDI cables was the distance we had to run from our drums and keyboards to our playback rig,” Says production manager Zito, “By the time we followed the necessary cable paths, we were well over 150’ in some cases and the MIDI data was continually dropping out. Once incorporating the iConnectMIDI4+, we’re able to run midi data over 300’ without any issues and with minimal latency. It’s truly impressive!”

Check out the video above for the details of this very interesting MIDI setup.

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